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Jul. 4th, 2008

I haven't laughed this hard in ages. Tears people, tears Michael Bay's rejected script for The Dark Knight

Loft Photos

So, we've finally got the place fixed up enough to take photos. So here's the slide-show of my new loft. I don't know how well this is going to work, but it seemed cleaner than posting a zillion pictures one after the other.

apartment living

I've been meaning to take and post some photos of my apartment for ages, but actually making it look not empty and shit has taken forever. I still don't have a bed frame yet, but at least I'm not sleeping on an air mattress anymore. Also I've got a good chunk of the art on the walls instead of just leaning against it now. So
click here and take a peek at stage one of creating a nice little nest.Collapse )
It's totally image post day for me. Since I'm so behind on ever actually writing anymore. I know Latanya is totally curious about what my boyfriend looks like, so woo here are photos. They're not great photos because he's very anti-getting-picture-taken. so no modeling sessions :)

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Apr. 26th, 2007

I've been meaning to write for 2 weeks now and never seem to get the time.

Anyway so my apartment is pretty badass, except for a couple incidents involving hte kitchen sink backing up and then the pipes under it deciding the leak and then a couple days later when the power company came and changed me over to a new flashy type of metre the I didn't have power in my bathroom or bedroom for 3 days and had to shower by the light of a flashlight .(I did have a candle but for some reason it set off the smoke detector. Other than that it's been pretty swell. I'll have photos one day I'm just sort of waiting to have some furniture, or at least to hang hte art on the wall instead of it sitting in a stack against it.

My relationship is going rather well still,

but probably nicest of all is I applied for the Dialogue Designer job and got it, so now I'm actually doing something related to my degree in a way and I make almost twice my old salary. I'm all kind of middle class and shit now, well once it starts showing up on my pay cheques. This means I'll be able to afford furniture and shit, I actually make enough to cover my rent in one week, how bad ass is that?

I'm going to be in Omaha for a chuck of time now, but hey I'm still young and all that, I can move away later.
okay so Bollywood in general makes the whole world more absurdity filled, but youtube makes it more searchable

I'm finally getting around to teaching myself some programming languages. I was rather entertained by the fact that I found a really, sort of detrimental typo in the very first chapter and it was in the code so if you try to program the example the program won't run because there's a syntax error. It's the first chapter Thompson publishing, don't you think you should be able to do a decent job proofing the simple stuff?

Also my windows machine managed to pick up a trojan inexplicably since I haven't even used it in a month so I had to waste time cleansing it of viruses. I swear one of these days I'm just going to convert it to Linux and be done with it. I've already gotten quite stripped of my lazy comfort zone with the microsoft set up the more I use me mac (though I will never ever like the lack of right click with macs, that is the single most irritating difference for me) of course it will be figuring out which version of Linux to go with that may prove too much work for my lazy self.

It's only another month until (hopefully) I'll move to my own place, I'd be out this month if it weren't for the matter of having no furniture and the expense that buying the bare essentials of furniture is going to be. Fortunately I'm so busy at work that time moves by pretty quickly.

Speaking of work, I had my first one on one meeting with my boss over how everything's been going etc etc (we're supposed to have them once a month, but it doesn't always happen) and his only real 'thing I should change' not e was that I need to stop working so much. I should record that for posterity eh? I do work a ridiculous amount, but there have been some very logical changes that have occurred lately that once I get caught up from the backlog that the migration to the new method created for me, then it should save me a ton of paperwork and time since now i won't have to request other people do do those steps anymore I can just do them myself, plus doing them takes less time than actually filling out the request to have them done, let alone the time waiting for someone else to get around to it. I've shaved at least 3 days off the expected turnaround. (actually it's way more than 3 days, but I'm not making any promises that will end up giving me ulcers in the future :) ) and I get to farm off my most time eating, irritating task off to some people farther down the totem pole shortly, which unless they fuck it up purposefully so as not to have to do it again will take away another giant stress and mean I'll only have to deal with that shit for special research occaisions. yay! I think everyone is really worried that I'm going to burn out and quit or something. There have been a few pretty crap weeks for workload and cluster this past month, but really it hasn't been that bad. (OK so Thursday I left only a half hour after the end of regular business hours and was freaked out by the fact that it was still light out, which kind of gives you an idea of how long it's been since I actually left on time ;) ) I'm pretty happy that at least 3 people from the client whose account I work on have commended me to my bosses. I'm also quite happy that I've been spending a large number of not in work hours drinking beer and talking with the object of my affection. (thoughit's been a month now, which is pretty much the limit of anyone I've been invovled with in person retaining interest in me, so he'll probably wake up and wonder what he saw in me any day now)
So black and decker has created an automatic wrench. ....

Seriously is that how fucked up humanity has become that someone needs to spend money on a fucking automatic wrench? Because, what, it's become too much to spin the little fucking adjuster wheel ourselves? jesus h roosevelt christ.
g-d I can't wait for this week to be over. This has been the fucking worst work week ever. I didn't leave the office until 11 pm last night and I still didn't get to leave until 6.30 today, plus I only got a half hour lunch because another crisis came up right as I was putting up my away message to leave for lunch. And these fucking bastards think it's all fine and dandy to request a next day expedite after we've told them no less than 4 times this week that upstairs has issued a proclamation that they won't authorise any expedites until further notice.

I had exactly 1.5 hours during regular office time where I was not in a meeting today and the system we use for appdev requests is making a change effective tomorrow that's going to make the whole process slow and painful, essentially every time I need to ask for a compile even for one that will take like 15 minutes to complete, I have to go through a process that includes 3 different estimate/ management approvals before the programmer can do the simple request. I understand well the need for auditable practises shit I used to be an auditor (sure different type of company but we error detecting bean counters are essentially the same at heart) but the process implemented to facilitate ease of oversight shouldn't work to slow down a process that the clients already find too slow, especially on requests that aren't billable in the first place and barely impact time accounting in a noticable way.

Don't you love when I bitch about work since I never actually go in to what I do or any detail? I have a deep irritation, but you'll never know who for if you don't know me in person. Vagueness keeps anyone from my company somehow managing to find me complaining about it.

Oh, on the tooth buddy icon: I have found out definitively that prior to the day I posted on it, he did not have a tooth, so for whatever reason he changed to it because of my tooth icon. I love the way I refuse to pump anyone at work for what they know about him because then people would inevitably start gossiping about how I'm smitten, so I have to run across these things that I would have otherwise known when they were relevant weeks later. That's why I've been working there for almost 5 months and I know exactly 3 things about him, 1. he's originally from Wayne, 2. his father teaches University level Chemistry and 3 He didn't have a tooth buddy icon until a couple weeks ago. Okay 4. His birthday is in March, because it's on the birthday list on the wall (our office is into the whole passing around cards and having cake in the break room thing, it makes me think of that Seinfeld episode every time there's a birthday) okay 5, I think he's got a strong sense of good character as evidenced by the thing with the bar tab at the going away party. sigh...
I need to take a shower, but I don't think I've got the energy to drag myself all the way to the bathroom. It's been an utterly long day.


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